The Smiling Zombie AND The Karma Stone Made the Finals at RHIFF

Two of my feature length screenplays have made it into the finals of the 2009 ReelHeART International Film Festival (RHIFF) Screenplay Competition. I’m still processing this information but I can say that I am thrilled.  These scripts also were semi-finalists in the WriteMovies International Writing Competition. At a time when I am struggling to find another day job (I was laid off from my job at Washington Mutual last June), it’s great to get this encouragement and recognition. Like most artists out there of all stripes and sensibilities, I am trying to figure out how to make my way in the world and still feed my passion. Finding that elusive mix where they are one and the same is what keeps me submitting films and scripts to festivals and writing competitions.

What are your secrets to reaching the next level? What challenges are you facing?


4 Responses to “The Smiling Zombie AND The Karma Stone Made the Finals at RHIFF”

  1. How awesome is that? I’m so excited for you! I’m having visions of you at Sundance now, all parka’d up and collecting business cards from producers who want to throw money at you. Sexy!

    What a great boost while you’re in the midst of making Big Life Decisions. I imagine if I were in your position my brain would be scrambled and served on toast. Economic indicators hint that we should be hunkering down and seeking secure things like full-time jobs, but I would be more impatient than ever to bust out of that world and pursue the creative life with even more fervor. But the creative world can move like molasses…

    My own creative pursuits are taking a back seat right now to the more mundane necessities of money and food and servicing my small but insistent debt. I have learned, though, that I’m crap if I’m not building or dreaming something, so I’m trying to build a life wherein I live more simply, make less money, and build in more creative time. My ambitions are small – build one new thing a week, spend 4-8 hours a week doing something creative that is only for me. I’m not trying to make it big or turn my creativity into a job anymore. I’m just trying to stay sane and enjoy my life.

    Your prospects – and your talent! – are bigger than mine. I want to see you making films all the time. I wish for this fervently for you. It couldn’t happen to a better person.


  2. Thanks for the kind words Jane – I’m doing a lot of the things you are too. Agreed about the creative world moving like molasses – the time between when we write and shoot and project and when any revenue is actually coming in from it can be 2-3 years. Not the best cash flow. 🙂

    Here’s to creative success all around!

  3. Sandi Curry Says:

    Tom, your talent was wasted working at the soul-sucking Corporate America entities like WaMu. I appreciate one must have a living wage income, but these 2 accolades for your real passion are the light leading you down your true path!

    I look forward to tracking your upcoming accomplishments via your LinkedIn posts. Congratulations!


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