Actresses and Actors – You Need a Web Presence

I was writing a review of The Mistakes Madeline Made and was scrambling around looking for links to the actors in case people wanted more info about the talented cast members. Most had something but a few had nothing that came up in Google other than some old reviews. This is a problem if you are in a business where getting your image and information about your work out there is crucial.

Here’s an example of a site for Mary Bliss Mather, who kicks creative butt on a regular basis. While I’m not crazy about the design (Mary Bliss – let’s talk) it gets the message out:

You don’t need to even spend money on a site if you use  Facebook, or LinkedIn. DON’T use your personal facebook account. You’ve got your regular facebook profile to find dates, share photos of you passed out on the sidewalk, whine about having to donate plasma so you can make rent this month (like we all don’t do that) or tell us all what you had for breakfast. Create a new page (use the pages feature in facebook rather than creating a new profile) and keep it current.

If you blog on a regular basis, and link to it from your other sites and pages, you can significantly improve the search results for your pages when someone is searching for your name or your company name. Regular means at least once a week. You don’t have to write a huge essay, just keep people posted with your thoughts on acting, fun things happening around town, shows you like, etc. It’s a way of connecting with people you might not otherwise interact with – what networking is all about for a performer. You can set up a free blog on

So the next time you wow me with a performance, I want to see your smiling face and resume up on the Web – got it?


One Response to “Actresses and Actors – You Need a Web Presence”

  1. I totally agree. I’m also surprised when I google a performer and can’t even find a page with their picture.

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