Greenspoke places in the semifinals at Shriekfest

Always a semi-finalist, never a finalist… actually this is pretty cool. Greenspoke was honored in the sci fi short screenplay competition at Shriekfest in LA. I’m planning to head down for the festivities and hope to meet up with some friends in the LA area.

Lots of preparation work going into Greenspoke right now. Rumor has it that we will be shooting sooner than May. I’m hoping we’ll be able to generate some interest (that we is me) at Shriekfest and maybe get some backing. I’m also looking to sell or find someone to help me produce a couple of my feature-length scripts:

  • The Karma Stone, a supernatural horror piece about a twisted soul who comes back from the dead to terrorize his estranged widow and her family.
  • The Smiling Zombie, a quirky tale of a middle aged musical theatre actor who tries to make a comeback after a bout with multiple sclerosis by taking a featured extra role in a no budget zombie movie. If Greg Kinnear is reading this, you were meant to play this part.

I’ve had wonderful support from filmmakers and festival staff I met at the ReelHeART International Film Festival in Toronto. They’ve just started accepting submissions for 2009 and I highly recommend this festival to any filmmaker who wants to learn more about their craft and have a great time doing it. I’ll be entering two scripts and a couple of shorts.


One Response to “Greenspoke places in the semifinals at Shriekfest”

  1. Much appreciate the plug Tom. You were a visiting filmmaker FAVE at ReelHeART. Have fun in LA!

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