False starts and new hopes

We were watching the Olympic sprinters yesterday. One of the runners called a time out because the officials kept them in a down position too long. Then the same runner started too soon and they had to start again. Her dilemma resonated with me after the day I had with Greenspoke.

I’ve been shoving this short sci-fi project along through:

  • scheduling messups (mine)
  • getting laid off
  • recruiting barely available staff because of my last-minutitis
  • having equipment we needed just out of reach
  • giving an onerous task of production management to an eleventh hour part-time production team
  • not listening to my instincts and impressions

After some harsh words and soul-searching, I realized that I would not be doing the project or the people involved justice if I went ahead. My good friend Michael listened and let me work it through and figure out that the best solution was to put the project off until spring.

I love this script. I am proud of it and what it promises as a short form piece. So I am going to take a different approach:

  • hire a professional production management team so I’m not worrying about whether the actors and crew are taken care of, especially when we shoot outdoors
  • compress the shooting schedule and shoot on consecutive days so we can secure the best crew without restricting their ability to get other paid assignments
  • define roles and responsibilities at the very start with every member of the team
  • go into our first shooting day focused on getting the best shots and performances from my actors

The sprinter I mentioned did not finish fast enough to get a medal. But she finished, false starts and all. And maybe we can finish and get the gold with more careful planning and attention to detail.


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