Walking walking and did I mention walking?

Doing Time on U of T College Radio

I’m doing a radio interview tomorrow morning with Andy on CUIT radio’s Take Five program. You can listen live at 9:05 am Eastern (6:05 am Pacific – get your lazy butts out of bed cast and crew!). I’m sharing the stage with Sylke and Bill, whose film Brick by Brick will show Tuesday night.

In other news:

We had our first breakfast today – Roberta put on a nice spread with fruit, coffee, yogurt, cereal and french toast. MMM – french toast. Ooo la la!

Didn’t make the best first impression with our festival director – showed up a half hour late for orientation because I was talking to the Lithuanian family that is staying here and lost track of the time. Those of you who know me know that is out of character – but we got talking about politics.

Got lost when Kurt and I headed back to get lunch. Don’t turn on Spadina. Nice street but very misleading. It’s a little warm for us Seattlites and I didn’t bring a hat but I did remember the sunscreen. We did a wonderful walking tour of Toronto with other filmmakers and actors who will be performing in the screenplay readings. The tour was led by the amazing historian and performer Bruce Bell. We learned alot about Toronto history and the theatre district, and got a special tour of the beautifully restored Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres.

Canadian money is beautiful. I hate to spend it.

Rode the subways – nice, clean, fast.


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