Arrived in style

After lines lines and more lines – we literally spent more time getting to the airport and going through security and customs in US and Canada than we did on the plane – Audra and Patsy from ReelHeART picked us up at the airport. Audra big smile and she even had a sign with my name on it. Unfortunately I had no idea where the camera was at that point so it will stay burned in my memory. I sat way in the back of the mini-van so it felt like a big red limo. We rode into town with Tariq Nasir. Tariq is the director of Belonging, a documentary about his Palestinian family’s experiences in 1948 and 1967 and beyond.

Annex Garden B&B is nice – clean, private bath, comfy room and wireless. Host Roberta is great and it even has a desk for me to write this.

We’re going to head out and explore up some grub – rain has been off and on but it is much warmer here (23 C – look it up).

Kurt just pointed out to me that two julias is listed in the program as a Director’s Pick!


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